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Get personalized mail so your young reader can be inspired. Subscribe and get current stories featuring our solar system, space missions, and cool facts from far away galactic regions. Perfect source of reading for kids ages 4-11. Launches December 2022. Sign up to get notified when we launch.

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We at Indus Space are excited to launch this new exciting subscription service that is bound to excite a young reader aged 4-11. 

We love sharing the most exciting facts about our home planet, home solar system, and beyond. With more than 50 years of space exploration, there’s a lot of exciting educational content to share. Space exploration is now a global collaboration. We love to share what countries and people around the world have achieved and contributed to the field of space exploration. 

Along with the top quality information we are excited to share high definition images of our galactic universe, taken from missions past and current. The information is researched and tailored by space professionals within our team to make it engaging for young readers. Families can read and learn together, connecting parents, grandparents, and siblings with young minds!

Each child will get to hold their own mail and receive personalized notes about our galactic neighbourhood they are bound to enjoy and share with friends.


  • Younger learners love the colorful, collectible pictures and being read to. Perfect activity to try anytime of the day with anyone in the family!
  • Older kids can enjoy Galactic Mail independently or read to their younger siblings.
  • Parents can feel happy about providing screen-free edutainment for the whole family.


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