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We are a social enterprise based out of the Greater Toronto Area. We provide specially curated programs and products around Space Exploration and STEM to the K-12 audience.

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Indus Space

Indus Space is the most advanced space exploration learning platform for children and adolescents, ranging from 6 to 18 years old!

Founded by a Planetary Scientist, it aims at engaging and providing first hand background of  around space exploration through a student centered learning approach.

Students at Indus Space do not only master the techniques of thinking like a space professional but are also getting familiarized with the latest innovative tools assisting them in their journey and making them truly citizens of the universe!

Our Programs

We have created several programs, based on a youth’s age and the appropriate 

pedagogical approach, so that participants get the most immersive experience.


Day Camps

We host day camps during scheduled school holidays including March Break, summer, and PD days.


Junior Program

Programs for Gr. 1- 5 youth interested in STEAM and new to the topics of Space Exploration


Senior Program

Programs for Gr. 6- 8 youth looking for innovative challenges around Space Science and Exploration.


High School

Students get to work on short research projects and are introduced to potential STEM and space career paths.


All Ages

At any age, space themed events provide moments for families to participate together.
Explore how.

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Indus Space is also working towards U.N. sustainable development goals of building a better future.

Immerse in Space

Start learning all aspects around space exploration. We’re constantly adding new programs and topics.

Learn from Experts

Meet and interact with Space Professionals who are passionate about education and outreach!

Work with Peers

Work in teams with your peers who are equally excited and intrigued by space exploration topics.

Number of Participants
Community Partners
Number of Programs
Number of Regions Served

Indus Space is also working towards these U.N. Sustainable Development Goals of building a better future.

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