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Indus Space

At Indus Space, we strive to serve and educate youth who are interested within the industry of Space and STEM-focused programs. Our highly skilled staff vie to provide the best service and aims to inspire youth to contribute towards the next generation of the Canadian STEM Workforce. 

Indus Space strives to lead in the aspects of innovation and the creation of change within Canadian Space and STEM networks, allowing for the provision of equal and diverse representation within each level of leadership.​

We deliver high-quality, innovative, and creative STEM programs to our customers. We are committed to decreasing the gap between male and female participants in the STEM field in Canada and beyond. Our goal is also to increase the number of educators prepared to teach integrated STEM topics like space exploration in their learning spaces.

Building a Sustainable Community

Indus Space is working towards the following United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals to build a better future for youth.

Our Team

Indus Space was founded in 2018 by Dr. Bhairavi Shankar, a Planetary Scientist and Canadian Space Ambassador. In addition to inspiring youth, we take pride in providing experiences and opportunities for recent STEM and Business/Entrepreneurial graduates to gain relevant work experience at Indus Space while we grow.  

Dr. Bhairavi Shankar

CEO, Chief Scientist

Joseph Ulmer

Curriculum Development Coordinator

Prachi Patel

Program Coordinator

Community Partners

Indus Space was founded to be the bridge for the next generation to inspire themselves about the value of a STEAM career and discover the connections of Space Science within STEAM.

As a social enterprise venture founded by a woman of colour in STEM, it is important to highlight how individuals with diverse backgrounds can be successful in STEAM, and in the Space sector in particular. The global space community is quite diverse, with more than 100 countries contributing to space initiatives. However, diversity is not currently reflected in various roles such as leadership positions within the Space Sector. We aim to push the needle towards positive change in this matter.

We have worked with several community organizations over the years that share a common purpose of providing equitable access to STEM learning and youth programming to their networks and communities. We have partnered and facilitated events with several organizations across the Greater Toronto and surrounding regions.

Contact us using the form below to explore how our programs can fit your particular community needs. 

Community Organizations

Our Programs

We have created several programs, based on students’ age range and scientific data regarding each groups’ attention and motivation level, so that the most engaging method of engagment is possible. 


Day Camps

We host day camps during scheduled school holidays including March Break, summer, and PD days.


Junior Program

Virtual Program for Gr. 1- 5 youth interested in STEAM and new to the topics of Space Science.


Senior Program

Virtual Program for Gr. 6- 8 youth interested in Space Science and Exploration.


High School

Students get to work on short research projects and are introduced to potential STEM and space career paths.


All Ages

At any age, space themed events provide moments for families to participate together.
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