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A Look into the James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch on December 22, and scientists from NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency are involved in this exciting mission. The telescope will observe more of the universe than ever before, searching for the very first stars and galaxies created after the Big Bang. JWST will use infrared light to study every phase of the cosmos, and Canada’s contribution to the mission guarantees observation time on the telescope.

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Astronauts in Space

From A to Z, you can discover space professionals from across the globe who came with diverse backgrounds, STEM expertise, and eventually became astronauts! These profiles provide new and exciting

Careers in Space

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Celebrating Black Space Professionals

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Celebrating Canadians in Space

Did you know: Canada was the third country to launch a satellite back in 1962 (after USA and USSR)! Canadians have played a long and integral part in the space

Pi in Space

Pi, the mathematical constant, has infinite digits and has been approximated by many civilizations for thousands of years. Pi Day, celebrated annually on March 14, is significant to space exploration as it is the birthday of many important people linked to space exploration. Pi is used in man-made objects like sports equipment, household appliances, and in space exploration. Engineers use pi to calculate parachute size, safely land spacecraft on Mars, study tremors, capture planetary maps, and search for exoplanets.