Summer of Space

Join us this summer for several weeks of in-person camps around Space Exploration.
We cover popular themes with engaging hands-on activities.
Note: We will cover these themes for two separate age groups – Junior (Gr. 1-4) and Senior (Gr. 6-8).
Grades 5 can choose between either session depending on comfort level. 
Scroll down this page to see the unique themes for each age group.

  •      Session runs daily between July 8 – 12

Junior Explorers!

4 hours daily

   Gr. 1-4

10 AM – 2 PM

Campers will be introduced to concepts of space exploration and the most popular space topics making the news this year! Topics each day will cover themes of constellations, star evolution, designing satellites, exploring life in space, engineering activities to ensure safe travel to our Moon, and planning missions to explore our solar system!
Each day will feature multiple hands-on activities, and provide ample time to play fun spacey games. with lunch and snack breaks incorporated.


Daily Schedule:
Day 1: Intro to Space and the Universe at large!
Day 2: All things Moon!
Day 3: Design your Earth focused satellite
Day 4: Living in Space
Day 5: Mission Design – Incorporate Themes learned throughout the week into your final design.

Lunar Mission Design Camp

4 hours daily

   Gr. 6-8

10 AM – 2 PM

This week-long Moon Camp will explore themes of science, astronomy, engineering and robotics as campers work in teams to design their own Moon rover mission. With the Artemis missions, Canada planning to send its own astronaut and innovations to the Moon by 2025.

This camp will give participants the opportunity to explore various careers in space and complete a series of challenges ultimately designing their very own Moon missions that can explore the lunar surface and investigate key research questions about our nearest celestial neighbour!

Daily Schedule:
Day 1: Intro to Lunar Missions & Exploring the Moon’s surface
Day 2: Launches, Landings, and Sustainable Technology
Day 3: Coding, Robotics, and 3D Design
Day 4: Living on the Moon
Day 5: Finalizing & Sharing Your Mission Design


  • Camp will run daily between July 22 – 26 
"As a parent, I was very impressed with the ingenuity of introducing new concepts to kids and help them discover and understand the science."
Gr. 5 participant
"Super interactive and informative. Great sessions."

Gr. 6
“I liked everything! Especially the final activity and the birth of a star. Thank you so much for these classes of fun and space travel!”
Gr. 3
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