About Us

Indus Space is a social enterprise that raises awareness around space exploration and its links to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) sectors to youth (K-12), educators, and the general public. Our programs are uniquely designed to be hands-on, engaging, and interactive. This way, our audiences meet several professionals from both the space and STEAM sectors. Indus Space is founded by Dr. Bhairavi Shankar, a woman in STEM, and a Planetary Scientist.

Our Mission

To provide youth under 18 access to skills building and active immersive learning opportunities in the space sector. Our goal is to provide capacity building opportunities that inspire and enable youth to be the next generation of the Canadian STEM workforce.

One of our past summer camp participants get a close view of a meteorite with members from the Royal Ontario Museum!

Our Facilitators

Our team is comprised of experienced STEAM professionals with an 

enthusiasm to connect with youth and inspire. 

Dr. Bhairavi

Planetary Scientist, Founder


Astronomer, Science Communicator


Earth and Environment Specialist



Join us as we explore Earth and beyond!

This series is guaranteed to bring engaging conversations in your own household at the end of each day!

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