Galileoscope Refractor Telescope Kit


Add the original Galileoscope to your collectors items if you are interested in actively getting into Astronomy. This telescope was developed by leading Astronomers, Optical Designers, and Educators inspired by what Galileo saw several centuries back!

  • Galileoscope telescope kit includes all of the parts and instructions needed for young explorers to build their own 50mm refractor
  • Assembly is quick and requires no tools or adhesives
  • Enjoy views of the lunar surface, Jupiter’s Galilean moons, Saturn’s rings and bright star clusters
  • Kit includes a 20x eyepiece and a custom accessory that can be assembled as a 2x Barlow lens for a power of 50x or a 17x Galilean eyepiece with a right-side-up field of view less than 1/2° wide so the user can experience the views Galileo had of the the expansive night sky
  • Learn basic optical concepts, including how lenses form images and how magnification affects field of view

Sourced from Explore Scientific, the official makers of the Galileoscope.

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