Eidos Card Game: Space


Planets and constellations, ancient star maps, astronomers, Space-Age rockets…dozens and dozens of images spanning our history as a species of adventurers – from star-gazing to STEM and still star-gazing. Dazzling cosmic images that will keep you looking up. We are excited to bring Unemployed Philospher’s Guild products to our Canadian audiences!

Eidos is a card-matching game you can pick up and play!  Each deck has 73 cards, each with 9 different images. While no 2 cards are the same, any 2 cards have only 1 image in common …but can you find it first? Boxed set contains Eidos card deck, instruction book with rules for 7 different kinds of gameplay, and fold-out image gallery mini poster.

Ages 8+
2-8 players
Play time 15-30 min.

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