In Person Indus Space Events - COVID 19 Protocols

As the impact of COVID-19 still remains serious at a local, national, and global scale, Indus Space keeps participant health and safety in mind as we plan more in-person events. Please review the following details and read ahead of attending any of our upcoming programs. We will evaluate and update these guidelines as they align with public health guidelines.  


Prior to each event, we will send a self screening COVID19 questionnaire to registrants. This will be emailed to all registered participants.  All attendees will need to pass the self-screening questionnaire on the day of the event, prior to attending. Anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days are asked not to attend the event. A paper version of the questionnaire will be available on site for anyone who has not have filled the form. We reserve the right to turn away anyone who has not passed the questionnaire at the entrance. 



Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at in-person events. Participants may use their own mask or one provided to them. 



We will have hand washing and/or hand sanitizer available at events.


Limiting Capacity

For indoor events, we ensure capacity is capped at 50% of the venue’s fire occupancy limits. 



For any clarifications or further enquiries, email us at and include “COVID Protocols” in the subject line.