Characterizing Exoplanets using the CheOps Mission

Interested in learning more about deep-space astronomy and the growing field of exoplanets? You can help scientists determine and analyze live data from a current mission through a hackathon challenge format! 

About our event:
This hybrid virtual/in-person program will give students the opportunity to work through team activities and look at real telescope data collected by the European Space Agency’s CheOps satellite.

Phase 1: Students will work at a self paced approach accessing our resource content virtually. They will have opportunities to work with each other through a virtual learning platform. While they do this, students will have access to mission resources and feedback from space professionals as they complete their projects. Register early to gain access to this material and begin working!

Phase 2: Once finished, teams can share their findings with peers and educators. This will be a live event on June 7th with the option for students to participate virtually or in person in Mississauga ON. They have the option to submit their results to ESA directly and apply for the Best Project prize.

About the mission:
Launched in 2019 from Kourou, French Guiana, the CheOps mission is known officially as the CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite. This European Space Agency mission was launched to study bright nearby stars that have known extra solar planets orbiting. By observing these distant planets with very high precision, it will help scientists better understand planets that range in size from Earth to Neptune sized!

To find out more about CheOps, visit these links