Our Approach

Our Goals

At Indus Space, our climate vision is to empower youth in understanding how urban areas contribute to the ever increasing rates of greenhouse gas release. Large cities, similar to where Indus Space is based, have several factors that contribute large amounts of emissions unlike agricultural lands. 

Join us as we use many aspects around space exploration and look back at our home planet with new perspectives to take action and inspire youth. Our program styles cater to both educators and youth under 18. Explore what we have planned and email us ( for further enquiries.


Classroom Visits

We combine the topics of climate action and GIS using engaging challenges for high school students and educators


Speaker Series

Hear from researchers, innovators, and the community who actively focus on climate action initiatives.


Day Camps

Join us for fun engaging camps throughout the year!



Join us as we introduce space and Earth themed topics in multi-week series for K-8 youth.